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Motivate your employees with a BlueStone Box!

A curated care package designed especially for corporate teams.

How it Works

Choose a Theme or an area for improvement.

Explore our curated corporate motivation care packages and choose a theme or area of improvement that matches your goal.

Add Your Team

Add each employee's shipping address to your account so we can mail their box directly to them, or enter a single address so you can hand distribute.

Deliver Motivation

The themed box is delivered straight to each team member's door so they can unbox the surprise.

And you'll enjoy...

Featured Themes

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Clear your head of the noise and chaos.
What's Inside?

Sales Toolbox: Connecting with People - SHIPPING IN AUGUST

Sales Toolbox: Connecting with People

Make a better connection with customers.

Team Building for New Leaders - SHIPPING IN SEPTEMBER

Team Building for New Leaders

Build teams, delegate, grow team members, and lead effectively.

What's inside each box?

Box essentials icons.
Themed Book
book related
to the theme.
book with writing
prompts to further
Writing Utensils
Rotating variety
of pencils, pens,
and highlighters.

The Essentials


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Goal Inspired Surprises

What type of skills are covered?






Time Management

Follow Up



The creative way for managers to get their team engaged.

Because you deserve to enjoy work again!

Team leaders have the highest impact on company culture.

If you're struggling to motivate your team, you need a better strategy.

Why do we care?

After decades of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, we realized that the key to a focused, driven team is cultivating a positive corporate culture and maintaining healthy staff relationships.

We believe by intentionally encouraging professional development and education at home, you can improve morale and increase job satisfaction. By giving your employees a BlueStone Box, you are giving them a reason to take time for themselves and reminding them how much you value them as a team member.

Stop losing high quality employees from lack of meaningful support.

Did you know...

0 %
lower attrition rate for companies that focus on their culture.
0 %
of employees would work harder if they received more recognition.
0 %
of employees list learning new job-related skills and advancing their careers among their top priorities.
0 %
of employers reported higher turnover in 2022

Give your staff the gift that gives back.

Boost morale & make your sales reps smile!

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