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If you’re a business owner or manager that struggles to motivate your employees, you’re not alone!

It can be hard to connect with your team, and constant 1-on-1 mentoring can be time-consuming. As a busy leader, we know it’s crucial that you make the right decisions. But that pressure can lead to stress, overwhelm, and ultimately burnout!

That’s why we started BlueStone Box. After decades of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, we realized that the key to a focused, driven sales team is cultivating a positive corporate culture and maintaining healthy staff relationships.

We believe by intentionally encouraging professional development at home, you can improve morale and increase job satisfaction. By giving your employees a BlueStone Box, you are giving them a reason to take time for themselves and reminding them how much you value them as a team member.

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Shauna Parsons, CEO of BlueStone Box.

Shauna Parsons


Successful entrepreneur and business coach, Shauna loves watching people grow and gain confidence in themselves. She especially likes working with contractors as construction is close to her heart. She understands the challenges and needs of service based businesses and works to create clarity within teams. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Until a person takes responsibility for where he is, there is no basis for moving on. The bad news is that the past was in your hands, but the good news is that the future, my friend, is also in your hands.

Bob Parsons, BlueStone Box Sales and Technical Trainer.

Bob Parsons

Sales & Technical Trainer

A concrete contractor and foundation repair specialist in the construction and home repair field for 30 years, Bob has built a successful team through training, coaching and mentorship, who continue to provide excellent work and grow as individuals.

He is an experienced Trainer and Advisor for several companies where he alternates between sales training, leadership development programs and jobsite management training with field personnel. His extensive knowledge in not just construction, but sales systems, leadership, personality styles and management makes him a great resource in helping build up great teams.

"If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you."

We have decades of experience helping businesses succeed.

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Founder of BlueStone Business Coach (2018-Present)
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Trainer at The School of Entrepreneurship
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Co-Owner of TPS Displays (2010-2019)
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President of Evergreen Basement Systems (2001-2016)

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